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Amidzad is a seed and early-stage investment firm focused on investing in emerging growth companies on the West Coast. We have over 50 years of combined entrepreneurial experience in building profitable, global enterprises from the ground up and over 25 years of combined investing experience in successful information technology and life science companies.

We are seed and early-stage investors with access to an extensive network of resources. Over the years, we have assembled a world-class network of serial entrepreneurs, strategic investors, and industry leaders who actively assist our portfolio as Entrepreneur Partners and Advisors. We partner with entrepreneurs and leverage the resources of our strong network to build successful companies.

We invest in YOU!


We approach each investment as a long-term partnership with talented entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals. We seek opportunities in which we can add long-term value by leveraging our experience and the resources of our extensive network of relationships.

Today, there exists a significant resource and financing gap for start-up companies during the first years of their formation: Their capital needs and customer counts are often too small to be considered by the established venture capital players, while angel investors lack access to the needed resources that institutional venture capital firms can provide. Our strategy of focusing on seed and early-stage companies aims at bridging this critical market gap.

We appreciate the amount of assistance and mentorship early-stage companies require. Thus, we restrict the number of our investments per year and focus the earlier stage investments on local companies in order to maximize the amount of time we can devote to each company.

Central to our value proposition and a differentiating characteristic of our fund is our world-class team of Entrepreneur Partners composed of serial entrepreneurs, experienced executives, industry visionaries, and respected academics with significant start-up operating experience. Our Entrepreneur Partners bring a deep base of experience to our target sectors and have been involved in the foundation and growth of successful public and private companies.

More importantly, they all enjoy the challenges of building and growing new companies and are involved with us because they want to stay actively involved in the entrepreneur community. We assign at least one Entrepreneur Partner to each potential investment. They actively evaluate investment opportunities with us and roll up their sleeves to support our portfolio companies as needed. Our Entrepreneur Partners have co-founded companies with us, have been co-investors, and/or become active members of the board of directors or executive teams of our portfolio companies.


Amidzad’s extensive Advisory group of highly relevant executives provides our portfolio companies with access to early adopters of technology, technical and management talent, sources of venture capital, strategic corporate partners, and service providers with whom we have established a working relationship over the years.